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Arcade Sona by Puffyko
by Puffyko

Hello Puffyko! So, I finally took my time to write a critique of this deviation. It has been about time. Now, you have probably checked...

Timeless. by Ryuutsu
by Ryuutsu

Oy, guess who's here. The Captain Smartass! :D So, let me explain the "star rating" first (ok not so first), on why I placed them like t...

Matsu Rika by MarioWibisono

Well, just another beautiful piece of work, as expected. I'm impressed about how full the artwork is. It has so much content, so many b...


A Marionette (Lutka) by DeXmeX010
A Marionette (Lutka)
Of all the art I made over the course of the last year, I decide to upload this? A whole year of 3D modeling, drawing, both traditional and digital and this gets posted? What the hell is wrong with me?

I don't know. Apparently my 2D art style is heading towards more stylized direction. But I think it's just a matter of inspiration why after a year of inactivity (as far as uploading art concerns) I decided to post the most recent drawing, which is the one you see.

Lutka. That's a word we use in Balcain for a marionette. The drawing in particular was inspired by a song by Serbian band S.A.R.S., titled Lutka (…. I was listening to it through most of the day and oddly enough the more I listened to it, the more I liked it.
Generally I dislike balcain music, but every now and then I hear a song from the countries of former Yugoslavia and it gets stuck in my head. Lutka is one of those, and especially I like the lyrics, which is also a bit related to the drawing above, however, it's mostly a story behind it.

I linked it to a friend of mine and turns out she's really a fan of the song. Then she pasted part of the lyrics "ti si cilj mog lutanja i predmet pobude, razlog mog drhtanja, boja moje požude", which somewhat translates to "You're the destination of me wandering, a subject of inspiration; a reason for my shivers, a colour of my lust." Now, before anyone starts to wonder - yes, she's taken, no, I'm not in love with her, now can we proceed?
Okay; after that, I wrote back "I have yet to find the destination of my wander..." and I thought about it for a second. It was followed by me writing "now that I think of it, maybe that's why I feel kind of lost most of the time in my life..." and that's when it really struck me. I'm single for my whole life, although I have many female friends. My social life is far from bad, but it still feels there's something missing.
For my whole life, I was mostly pursuing my passion - art, design, animation. I love my friends, my family and my colleagues, we always had good time and I never felt really deep need for 'that special someone'. Over the years, as the pressure of life became stronger, we got into our proffessions more and more; more work for school and jobs, friends got girlfriends and boyfriends, so did my cousins and our interests started drifting away; although we still hang out a lot, we aren't as close as we were, all ending up in realisation it's hard to share your feelings with anyone anymore, since people have a lot of other stuff to worry about.
So, the drawing. First verse of the song goes "Ko mi tebe uze? Ko mi tebe posla?" which, if I got it right, translates something like "Who takes you away from me? Who's making you for me?", it might not make sense at first, but if you imagine it's a marionette in the making, it does. After that, almost entire song goes as if they're talking about a real person. Applying this to the drawing and the explanation above, it'd go as... who is the girl that is about to become my companion? What is she doing, is she becoming a girl I'll fall in love with? Or there simply is none? In my life, there haven't been many girls that would make my 'partner in crime'. Someone who would spark my imagination, inspire me, make me push the limits, make me think about what I do; and better yet, would expect the same from me.

But hey, since until here, it all sounds like whining 'oh I need a girlfriend', easy, easy. Those of you who know me might have seen that coming: I know what I'm doing. There is a reason why I never really worked on getting a girlfriend. The reason is that I don't know where life will get me and I don't want that one person that means that much to me to suffer for that. Wouldn't it be selfish from me to get someone to hand their heart and soul over to me, only to take it with me far away? Wouldn't it be foolish from me, to do the same, give my heart and soul and all that makes me who I am to that person, only to go away, the moon being the one thing that we can look at together and wonder what time is it where they are?*
What if I never left? The pain would be the same, because I never want to wonder what would happen if I kept following my dreams, pursuing career in motion picture and make my legacy. I'm heading towards that dream of mine, like a hungry wolf following the scent of a wounded deer. There might be something interesting on the way, but the animal instinct is telling him to follow where the heart wants. Yes, it's tempting. No, it's not an option. It's not a choice, really, it's who I am.

OK, the essay can stop here now. So that goes to all the people who ever wondered who I am, what I'm doing, why I'm doing it.

*keeping in mind the fact that most of entertainment (gaming, animation) industry takes place in North America and I originate in Europe
Arcade Sona by Puffyko
Hello Puffyko!

So, I finally took my time to write a critique of this deviation. It has been about time. Now, you have probably checked my star rating and wonder why is that. I told you I don't go easy on artists. ;)
Now, a warning before you start: I want to warn you, that at first it will probably seem to you like a really negative critique, but that's due to the nature of this deviation. Don't be scared! Now, brace yourself...

I like your vision of Arcade Sona. Generally, I find it hard to think of any better Anime adaption of this particular LoL champion. She has all and every feature of the Sona we know, and it's a mere 'remix' of the champion. Admittedly, maybe I would have hoped to put a slight extra twist to it. Don't get me wrong: I think it's marvelous. But I think you can do better. That's why you get 4 stars out of 5 for the Vision.

Well... everyone who ever played Sona know the champion. Most of them also know there's the Arcade Sona version of it. So, anything more than 2 stars out of 5 would be close to an insult to the artists (or artwork) who make their own creatures, characters and even worlds. I know you are perfectly capable of making such things - you did it before - but this particular piece is not one. That's why I'll save other three stars for your future artwork.

You absolutely rock your technique. Years of artistic expressioning is shining through every pixel of this drawing and soon the world might have to add additional colour to the palette so you can use it. Clear 5 out of 5 stars for it and I don't have second thoughts. The execution is flawless. Once again, I trust you will only get better, but I simply have no complaints.

It's Arcade Sona. We know that. It's probably just another Arcade Sona. I pointed this out in Originality and therefore I'd bet my tomorrow's lunch money it won't have any noticable impact on future art - either your own or anyone else's. It just might be the nicest anime/manga-ish Arcade Sona drawing out there. So that kind of seals it. You are capable of pushing the boundaries, you will, but not with this deviation. It was a great way to practice your skills, and plenty of fans will add it to their favourites. However, it will mostly be due to the fact that they love LoL and Manga art, but not because they would find this as something entirely new.

Now, until here, it probably sounds like I destroyed your artwork. I only favoured your exceptionally good execution, but let's distance for a moment. It's actually also the only thing that really really stands out. We just learned, that skill is important to please the eye, but the soul remains unsatisfied. So once again, I have to absolutely congratulate you on your skills, but I'm infinitely eager to see you make a really original deviation. Deviation is absolutely an eye candy, and I know it is precisely what it's meant to be. From that point of view, you would get 10 out of 10 (hey, that's what 5 stars for the Technique is, right?), but that's just one aspect.

I look forward to see more from you. Don't get scared, I encourage you to make more of fan-art and re-interpretations like this. But then, I'm sure your imagination has so much more to offer us. And that's what I really want to see from you.

So, that's it. I hope you didn't lose trust and excitement in what you do. I know I'm not much of an artist myself, hell, even I did many remixes of LoL champions, although it's set in a little bit of a different setting. I kind of took the "mentorship wannabe" route in this critique. Of course, I pulled this off, because I plan to get out of you more than you expect from yourself. You are a really good artist, but I think you can also be an outstanding creator - if you know what I mean to say. Now I'd like you to remain critical to my critique, and think for yourself if you disagree with anything what I said. In the end, I just may be wrong at some points. :)
Dear dA community!

Although it's not many of you who follow my humble dA page, it wouldn't hurt to say hi once in a while, eh?

So, now I got to see, that it's been about 3/4 of a year since I've post anything here. My last entry was from just after I arrived to The Netherlands - and now it has been more than 4 months since I came back. I guess that kind of confirms the reason for it: I have been very, very busy.

That is also part of a reason why I did not upload many deviations either. During this time I only uploaded the Beast and Where is Teemo. You can take my word that these two were by far not the only pieces of artwork I made. I made more stuff in the last year than I did in last couple of years I think. I don't know, frankly. Sure as hell it did grow in quality.

Now why didn't I post anything? One reason is time, as noted above. The other one is, that recently I do a lot more motion picture work. I think it's safe to say that 40% of my drawing job in the last several months were merely sketches for my animated works. another 30% would fall to the sketches for 3D modeling. What's left were doodles and concepts for my future projects (hopefully), which I like to believe look quite nice, but are drawings on paper, and except for my previous avatar (chipmunk marker test) never made it's way on my dA profile anyway.

Now, 3D modeling huh? I've done a lot of it in the last two semesters. I was a part of a Star Wars project, which was kind of a creative workshop. Some of the finest renders I ever made were for this project. Unfortunately I'm restricted from posting them here on dA, but I guess in a few weeks or months I will be able to.

It would probably be unfair from me, if I didn't give you the opportunity to see at least some bits of what I made during this time, huh? Well, at the least I guess I can show you my demo reel of the stuff I made mainly in The Netherlands.


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